CCTV inspections are an extremely significant part of underground piping and infrastructure. Our team at PantherVac are competent camera technicians for a variety of pipelines.

Main Line Inspections 

Our CCTV Camera units can accommodate for 8" to 36" pipe for approx 180 meters (typical manhole to manhole distance). This is ideal for new construction quality evaluations, drain reports and can also diagnose issues that you may be experiencing. Our steerable cameras are able to manipulate bends in most larger diameter lines. We are remote access capable. When process is over we will provide you with a DVD or USB of the video inspection along with a hard copy of the full report identifying discrepancies. 

Residential Inspections

Residential push cameras can detect sewer/drain problems that cause back-ups. A video inspection can determine the exact problem area and save you money on repairs!

We are offer a special rate for New Home Inspections. Purchasing a new property is the best experiences one can have but failure to not check what your eye can't see can cause devastating damage and expensive repair work. A sewer line inspection is recommended so you are fully aware of what you a purchasing and can helpful with negotiating the purchase price.